Here are five reasons why we love Thailand! What are yours?

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We might be biased, but to us Thailand is one of the most amazing countries on earth. There is just so much to love about our beautiful and historic homeland. Picking our top five was difficult, and that’s why we want you to share your thoughts, too. If you’ve lived in Thailand, or had the pleasure of visiting, please add to our list! We’d love to hear how Thailand inspires you!


Five things Khao Sarn loves about Thailand:

1. The food, of course! Just check out our menu and you’ll see all our favorite Thai classics.

2. The friendly, kind and laid back people. It’s just such a relaxing environment.

3. The beautiful countryside. The northern region – including

Chiang Mai, Mae Hong son and Chiang Rai – is full of mountains and lush natural beauty. The central region, where Bangkok is located, is an exciting metropolitan area. Plus, the southern part of the country is full of pristine beaches along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. You could spend months exploring!thai-distination-590x442

4. The weather. We miss sunny, 80-degree days in the middle of October!

5. The way of life. Thailand has long been a monarchy, but Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and traditional Thai cultures also thrive peacefully here.

Photos via Thai Travel Bug and InterNations

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