Happy Halloween from Khao Sarn!

31-Oct / 0 COMMENTS

happy-halloween-23961-1920x1200Wow, what a fantastic holiday! We love seeing our faithful customers dressed up as witches and werewolves. You’re all so creative!

Thailand Halloween celebrations might not be as big and bad as those here in the U.S., but we still know how to toast the dearly departed. If you check again with us tomorrow, we’ll tell you all about Thailand’s own unique twist on the day of the dead. Spoiler alert: it’s not in October, but it does involve lots of food…and burning cash.

Until then, be safe and have a great time out here! Also, if you want to kick things off your Halloween festivities right, just stop in for a couple cobra blood cocktails. They’re the perfect refreshment for this blood-curdling night!

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