Happy Vajiravudh Day!

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Happy Vajiravudh Day, friends! This is a fairly important Thai holiday, and commemorates the passing of King Vajiravudh in 1925. It’s also a great opportunity to remember the numerous contributions King Vajiravudh made to modern Thai society.

Though he only lived to 45, King Vajiravudh was the creator of Siamese Nationalism, instituted many important cultural reforms and made great strides to move Thailand toward democracy. He also helped established a railway throughout the country, founded the Royal Pages College and Chulalongkorn University, helped establish some of Siam’s first hospitals and created the Scout Order of Thailand.

The King was also quite a renaissance man. He wrote everything from novels to poems to newspaper articles, and even translated three of Shakespeare’s famous plays. We also have Vajiravudh to thank for helping to introduce the detective genre to the country through his Agatha Christie translations and development of a character fashioned after Sherlock Holmes. On top of that, he was familiar with Sanskrit and Hindu literature and translated many stories into Thai.

With all those accomplishment its enough to make us feel a little lazy! Regardless, we’re dedicating all of today’s tasty meals to the memory of this great leader. Happy Vajiravudh Day to you all!

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