How to Throw Your Very Own Full Moon Party

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Anyone who has ever even thought about traveling in Thailand has likely heard of its famous full moon beach parties in Haad Rin. Though these raucous nights might be more famous for their thumping music and psychedelic substances, we can’t help but agree that the Thailand moon is pretty inspiring. In honor of tonight’s full moon (and subsequent shindig) we came up with a few more authentic ways to celebrate this lovely winter moon.

1) Take a tip from the Loy Krathong festival and send a lantern skyward, along with your prayers and wishes for a bright year.

2) Invite friends and family to share a meal. Many Thai actually consider eating alone to be bad luck!

3) Be sure to whip up a feast that includes the five basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and hot.

4) Try your hand at making long homemade noodles. It’s said those who eat long noodles also enjoy nice, long lives!

5) If the noodles are a bust, pop on over to Khao Sarn and we’ll take over. We’d love to help you celebrate the full moon!

6) Just make sure you don’t throw out your leftovers. This displeases the Thai goddess of rice, Mae Phosop. You definitely want her on your side!

Happy full moon to you all!

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