Eat turtle in Thailand and don’t be surprised if this happens…

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woman-preparing-thai-food-at-floating-marketAccording to Thai superstition, some interesting things can happen depending on what you eat. Ask anyone in the country and they’ll likely give you a few helpful pointers on how to consume a tasty meal without seriously jeopardizing your luck. We picked some of our favorites old superstitions that might make you smile, or at least think twice at your next meal!


1) If you are lucky enough to eat the last piece of food on a communal plate love might be coming your way. Not only that, but this superstition promises that your new special someone will also be nice and easy on the eyes.


2) Is penmanship important to you? If so, definitely don’t eat chicken feet. We’re not exactly sure why, but apparently munching too many of these taloned snacks can seriously mess up your handwriting.


3) Respect for elders is paramount in Thai culture. If you’d rather not be reincarnated as a dog, remember to never eat before those older than you.


4) Thievery always has a way of coming back to haunt you. It’s said in Thailand that if you sneak a bit of someone else’s food your throat will swell. Avoid choking and ask permission first!


5) Sprint runners will definitely want to avoid eating turtle. Apparently it can rub off and make diners as slow as their meal.


If you can think of any other fun and quirky food-related superstitions from Thailand – or anywhere else in the world – feel free to share!

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