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pork skinsAny nose to tail dining enthusiasts out there? We have the perfect culinary indulgence; cab moo. This amazing deep fried pig skin dish might not be the healthiest, but it’s a terrific snack with a few sustainable benefits.

Like plenty of other cultures around the world, Thai cooks tend to use many different parts of the animal in traditional dishes. From rich kuay chup (a tasty noodle soup packed with organ meats), to chicken feet salad, Thai culture is a great supporter of waste-free cooking, and cab moo is a great example.

To create the delectable cab moo, Thai cooks simply clean and slice slightly dried pig skin, then fry it in sizzling vegetable oil or pork fat. The extreme heat puffs up the skin and gives it an airy, crispy texture. After that just a little salt, some sweet soy sauce or a spicy chili paste is all you need to top this dish off.

However, there are also cooks who prefer to cure fatty pork in salt for several day and then soak it in water. Only after that do they cook the skin, generally at a low heat in a frying pan or in an oven. Either way, it’s delicious and definitely a must try for any true foodie.

Travelers to Thailand can find this crispy snack in almost any market, and it’s especially popular in the north around Chiang Mai. Like anything, cab moo is best enjoyed in moderation, but since it’s often sold it massive bags, it’s hard to have just one.

If cab moo, chicharones, pork rinds or any other take on this traditional dish is one of your favorites let us know. Would you like to see it on the Khao Sarn menu?

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