This Thai specialty will have you breathing fire!

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thai draonSomewhere between the sweet and mild bell pepper and the fiery devil known as the Ghost Chili lies the infamous Thai Dragon. It might not have the scalding power of it’s ghostly relative, but this Thai specialty really will have you breathing fire. Spice lovers, keep reading.


The Thai Dragon Pepper is beloved by Thai foodies and spice fiends the world over. So just how hot is it? Well, depending on the year and the quality of the seeds, a Thai Dragon can post anywhere from 50,000-100,000 Scoville Units. In case you’re not familiar, a Scoville Unit is the unit used to measure the capsaicin (the substance that makes these little babies so hot!) in a pepper. If a nice, mild bell pepper has zero Scoville Units and a jalapeno posts just a measly 5,000 on a good day, you can start to imagine the spicy fury packed into these diminutive Thai demons. You can use these spicy favorites to make your own screamin’ sriracha or a flaming curry. If you lost a bet and have to try a Thai Dragon raw, well, good luck.


For true spice connoisseurs who just can’t get enough heat, you can also try the crazy hot Scotch Bonnet or the Caribbean Red. However, since these guys can be twice as hot as their Thai buddies, you might want to have the ER on speed dial.

If you have ever downed a whole Thai Dragon and lived to tell the tale, we would love to hear about it!




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