You’ve never had BBQ like this before!

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Thai food is one of those lovely cuisines that can be just as friendly to life-long omnivores as it is to staunch vegetarians. With plenty of delicious dishes on both sides of the divide, it’s easy to keep everyone happy. However, one meal we love in particular falls pretty squarely in the meat lovers camp: Thai bbq.


Ok, you might be thinking of Western-style cookouts and nice, thick steaks sizzling on an open flame. Well, not quite. In Thailand, we do it a little differently….but there are still plenty of fresh and delicious veggies involved.


Thai bbq, or moo ka ta (sometimes mookata or moogata)  is actually quite similar to Korean bbq. It features a round metal stove top grill, white-hot coals and an array of seafood and thinly sliced meats. However, at the bottom of the domed and sloping grill is a bowl for making a piping hot soup with the flavorful meat drippings. Along with your choice of meats and sauces (the word moo ka ta does mean “pork skillet” after all), Thai bbq comes with noodles, fresh greens, wontons and other tasty soup additions. As the soup at the bottom of the grill begins to bubble, the rich fats from the grilling meat trickle down to give the soup a surprising richness.


Not only is Thai bbq a great, and generally pretty healthy, meal, it’s also a fun hands-on way to do dinner. First timers will likely get a little tutorial from the staff, but this DIY dining experience doesn’t take much training. However, it’s definitely not fast food. If you do visit a Thai bbq restaurant on your travels, be sure to find one that has a buffet. Then you can snack on a few other tasty treats while you wait for your meat to cook.


If you’ve ever tried Thai bbq send us your feedback! Are you a fan of this unique bbq style…or do you prefer those nice, thick sizzling steaks?

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