Gin Kow! A crash course in speaking Thai for diners.

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Luckily for diners at Khao Sarn, our menus feature English descriptions. However, should you find yourself in a tiny, hole in the wall Bangkok restaurant, or rahn-ah-haan, you might need a few dining survival phrases. We pulled a few key terms together to help you eat your way through just about any Thai establishment.


We understand that learning to read Thai can be difficult, but as long as you can recognize some standard Thai dishes and ingredients, the world of Thai dining can really open up. Let’s start with some popular proteins.


Chicken – Gai

Egg – Kai

Pork – Moo

Beef – Nua

Shrimp – Goong

Fish – Pla


Since Thai food also involves lots of tasty veggies, or pug, committing a few to memory might also help!


Bean – Tua

Broccoli – Pak brok-la-lee

Cabbage – Ga-lam-plee

Cauliflower – Ga-lam-dork

Cucumber – Dtairng-gwah

Eggplant – Ma keu-a

Garlic – Gra-tee-am

Mushroom – Het

Pea – Tua

Onion – Horm yai

Potato – Man farang

Pumpkin – Fuk torng


Naturally, it’s hard to fully enjoy most of these ingredients unless you have a nice starchy base. These few little words might just be the most helpful of all!


Rice – Khao (hmm, does that name sound familiar?)

Fried Rice – Khao Pad

Rice Soup – Khao dtom

Rice Noodles – Kluay Dtiao

Egg Noodles – Baa-mee


After all that, there are really only two words left. You’re either hue or im. It’s up to you to figure those out!


If you have any foodie terms and phrases to add, feel free!

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