Get to know our Khao Sarn family!

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ksSince we love getting to know more about our customers here at Khao Sarn, we thought you might like to learn a little more about us. So, we threw together a little interview with one of our owners/masterminds, Cholada Aramthip.


1) So Cholada, when did you first start cooking?

Well, my parents have been cooking in restaurants for the past 20 years, ever since they moved to Boston. That was a big influence. I also love to eat and experience different cuisines by traveling and dining out. Along the way cooking become something I also learned to love.


2) What do you love most about Thai cuisine?

I really love the different flavors and the balance of all the ingredients. It’s lovely how they can all come together in one dish. Plus the story behind each dish is interesting as some dishes represent a certain part of Thailand or ethnic cultures. And, of course, it just tastes good!


3) Tell us about your favorite Thai meal.

This is hard! I think most importantly its all about family and sharing great meals with someone you love.


4) Is Khao Sarn a family affair?

Yes, it is. My parents started the business and they remain the cooks and the soul of the business. I’ve been very involved from the beginning in 2002. However, I started here full time in 2009 and now my sister has joined. We both left a corporate day job for the family business.


5) What five ingredients do you always keep in your home kitchen?

Lime, fish sauce, chili, prik pow (chili paste) and cilantro.

6) Where does Khao Sarn get its name?

We chose Khao Sarn after the famous expat street in Bangkok. It also means uncooked rice, and we very much see the importance of rice. I think the rice farmers are the hardest workers, so we appreciate the rice.


7) How long has Khao Sarn been located in Brookline?

Since 2002, 12 years.


8) Are your dishes traditional or do you ever put an American spin on your recipes?

Our dishes are traditional, but sometime we offer what taste good to the people. I am not sure if it’s American spin, or just us trying to be creative and incorporate new ideas.


9) Will any new dishes be hitting the menu anytime soon?

We are working on something now, and you’ll see it very soon!


10) What Khao Sarn dish would you recommend for spice lovers?

Personally I like the chicken gaprow, spicy steamed fish, duck chili and of course the spicy curry, red or green!



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