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Khao Sarn was created by Chef Wiroj Aramthip and his family to share their interpretation of Northern Thai cuisine & hospitality with the Boston community.


Some of our favorite dishes include, Haw Moak (a curry steamed in banana leaves), Sai Oua (a homemade Thai spicy sausage), Steamed whole Striped-Bass, and the very popular Thai Spicy Crispy Chili Duck. Our menu is extensive and we offer dishes from all over Thailand made from the freshest ingredients available.


Our staff is Sanook (Thai meaning for joy & fun) and our restaurant & bar ambiance reflects Lanna (laid-back, kindness & beauty).





Press and Awards




"Chef and owner Wiroj Aramthip works wonders with northern Thailands intense flavors. Two warnings: Spices play a big part in the dishes, and the bar’s creative libations can be potent.

"[One of] the best local Thai restaurants."

Events and Catering




Looking for food and a space that will delight your guests?
Call us at 617-566-7200 to arrange for a private party at Khao Sarn or have us cater your next event.

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Happy Vajiravudh Day, friends! This is a fairly important Thai holiday, and commemorates the passing of King Vajiravudh in 1925. It’s also a great opportunity to remember the numerous contributions King Vajiravudh made to modern Thai society. Though he only lived to 45, King Vajiravudh was the creator of Siamese ...


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So what exactly does the name Khao Sarn mean?

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The Aramthip family open its first traditional Thai restaurant in 1999. Named Tamarind House, the restaurants served up tasty, homemade Thai dishes that proved to be a hit with diners — and was even lucky enough to serve famed chef Julia Child! As Tamarind House continued to grow, it became ...


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