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Khao Sarn was created by Chef Wiroj Aramthip and his family to share their interpretation of Northern Thai cuisine & hospitality with the Boston community.


Some of our favorite dishes include, Haw Moak (a curry steamed in banana leaves), Sai Oua (a homemade Thai spicy sausage), Steamed whole Striped-Bass, and the very popular Thai Spicy Crispy Chili Duck. Our menu is extensive and we offer dishes from all over Thailand made from the freshest ingredients available.


Our staff is Sanook (Thai meaning for joy & fun) and our restaurant & bar ambiance reflects Lanna (laid-back, kindness & beauty).





Press and Awards




"Chef and owner Wiroj Aramthip works wonders with northern Thailands intense flavors. Two warnings: Spices play a big part in the dishes, and the bar’s creative libations can be potent.

"[One of] the best local Thai restaurants."

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Looking for food and a space that will delight your guests?
Call us at 617-566-7200 to arrange for a private party at Khao Sarn or have us cater your next event.

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Get to know our Khao Sarn family!

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Since we love getting to know more about our customers here at Khao Sarn, we thought you might like to learn a little more about us. So, we threw together a little interview with one of our owners/masterminds, Cholada Aramthip.   1) So Cholada, when did you first start cooking? ...


Three Thai movies you need to watch!

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Thai cinema doesn’t get much visibility outside of the country, and we at Khao Sarn think that’s quite a shame. So, we’ve decided to highlight three stand outs in particular to help you get a head start in Thai film appreciation 101. You might have to find a subtitled version, ...


Gin Kow! A crash course in speaking Thai for diners.

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Luckily for diners at Khao Sarn, our menus feature English descriptions. However, should you find yourself in a tiny, hole in the wall Bangkok restaurant, or rahn-ah-haan, you might need a few dining survival phrases. We pulled a few key terms together to help you eat your way through just ...


Travel Thailand Like a Pro: Tips for Visiting Thai Temples

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Buddhist temples are a huge part of Thai life and culture, and a big draw for tourists. However, before you step foot inside these sacred structures, there are a few things you should know. Strutting some proper temple etiquette is a great way to show respect, and to make the ...


Kick a cold in the pants with this easy and satisfying Thai recipe

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There’s no avoiding it, it’s cold and flu season. If you haven’t fallen under the weather yet, congratulations. If you want to keep it that way, read on.   For many Thai people, tucking into a steaming bowl of congee, a rich rice porridge, is similar to slurping down a ...


You’ve never had BBQ like this before!

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Thai food is one of those lovely cuisines that can be just as friendly to life-long omnivores as it is to staunch vegetarians. With plenty of delicious dishes on both sides of the divide, it’s easy to keep everyone happy. However, one meal we love in particular falls pretty squarely ...


Want to go grocery shopping in Thailand? Grab a paddle.

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Fun fact: Bangkok was once known as the Venice of Asia thanks to it’s plethora of picturesque canals. This network of waterways also helped the city develop a thriving floating market culture in the 1960s, where yet today travelers and locals alike can pick up all kinds of delicious local ...


Debunking the durian once and for all!

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They’re big. They’re thorny. They’re insanely smelly, and they’ve even been known to kill people. We’re not talking about some mythological beast, we’re talking about one of Thailand’s most (in)famous foods: the durian. In reality durians really are big, thorny, painfully smelly and potentially fatal (a tip, don’t take a ...


This Thai specialty will have you breathing fire!

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Somewhere between the sweet and mild bell pepper and the fiery devil known as the Ghost Chili lies the infamous Thai Dragon. It might not have the scalding power of it’s ghostly relative, but this Thai specialty really will have you breathing fire. Spice lovers, keep reading.   The Thai ...


Add this tasty Thai dish to your foodie bucket list immediately!

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Any nose to tail dining enthusiasts out there? We have the perfect culinary indulgence; cab moo. This amazing deep fried pig skin dish might not be the healthiest, but it’s a terrific snack with a few sustainable benefits. Like plenty of other cultures around the world, Thai cooks tend to ...


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